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Hills Baptist Church supports the following missionaries. Our church members also contribute to and support other missions and ministries as the Lord leads them.

Brian & Rachel Glunt- Brian and Rachel Glunt are serving in Chang Rai, Thailand through Global Ministries. Brian grew up at Hills Baptist Church, and his parents still attend are very active in the church.

Reach the Glunts through their mission support agency at:

Shane & Kim Jones- Shane and Kim serve through Tri Grace Ministries, witnessing to Mormons in Utah. 

Reach the Joneses at:

Kyle & Debby Witmer- Kyle and Debby Witmer are serve the Thai Karen Baptist Convention's Shiloh Bible Institute in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here is where they work in pastoral education and leadership development.

Reach the Witmers at:

Luke StandridgeLuke is serving the Lord through TEAM Ministries. Luke is collecting support to begin his ministry in Japan in the next few months.

Reach Luke at:

Please Pray for our Missionaries



Missions that Hills Baptist Church Support

MAMA's Cupboard

Mama’s Cupboard Inc. is a faith based organization dedicated to providing food and other services to residents in need from the Sheridan area. We help the disadvantaged individuals with respect and without prejudice, to preserve the dignity and self-worth of each client. Mama’s Cupboard Inc. is staffed by volunteers that understand the needs of the community and are dedicated to the success of Mama’s Cupboard Inc. Mama’s Cupboard Inc. works in conjunction with local Churches, businesses, and other civic and community organizations in Sheridan and the County to provide many of these programs and services. To learn more or contact MAMA's Cupboard go to Facebook at:


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Operation Christmas Child

In 2018, we sent 32 shoeboxes to several places all over the world!

In 2019, we would like to fill more shoeboxes. If you are interested in filling your own shoebox, stop by the church in September to get your shoe box...fill it and return it back to the church by the last Sunday of October (we do shoeboxes early, so that Christmas needs for another mission we support (MAMA's Cupboard) will not overlap and interfere with the giving for that mission.

 To learn more: